You know what I hate most about being restricted to a job which doesn’t drug test?

Having to work a job I hate.

Finding a decent job that doesn’t drug test and doesn’t make you want to blow your brains out has been getting harder and harder. And most of the ones which don’t test…

Well I’d rather blow my brains out.

When states started legalizing it I thought life was going to get easier. But jobs started clamping down and it seemed like I was faced with a choice.

Quit smoking because some outdated ideas tell me what I should be doing(ugh).

Or get some mind numbing job I’d hate and would barely pay me (ugh).

“We can’t live in a society which is both free and drug-free. You can’t have ’em both” – The Culture High

I remember the first time hearing this line and it resonated with me. First we weren’t trusted to be mature enough to legally have marijuana. Now that we do we can’t be trusted to perform an actual job.

I don’t want to have to put on a suit and have to deal with a bunch of corporate talking bullshit but I also really don’t want to have to put on some dumb multi color uniform and shovel fries.

A few years back I figured smoking shouldn’t mean I can’t work a decent job. And by decent I mean something that I at least didn’t hate and actually paid decently. I shouldn’t have to worry about finding jobs that don’t drug test.

Man, real life is tough enough without having to deal with drug tests and constantly worrying if you’re going to lose your job (or not get a decent one to begin with).

The last community updated list of jobs that don’t have drug tests was updated back in the 1990’s so it’s not too useful today.

We’ve started keeping an updated list of companies who don’t drug test But honestly we found a better way of doing things so you don’t have to actually choose between weed or a job you like.

When having a toke was first getting big we had a small community and a big sharing culture who believed in looking out for each other. I think we’ve lost a lot of that over the last decade or so and this was my way of getting that back a little bit.

We’re told that it’s OK for someone to tell us smoking something is bad. We’re told it’s normal to be treated like we’re children.

We’re told we need to be drug tested (even though it doesn’t help companies or employees). We’re told what to do, what to say and how to think.

And finally. Years after a politician ignored every expert and study on the issue decided to misinform the public for political bonus points – we’re finally starting to speak up and tell them we want just laws based on logic and reason.

But while we deal with that you still need to put a roof over your head and we’re still dealing with pointless drug testing giving less qualified people better jobs for stupid reasons. I’m done with this. But I can help you the same way as a friend helped me.

So let me introduce myself.

My name is Pete. And yes that’s my ugly mug plastered on the about bit. I started this a while back to help people out struggling with drug tests (as I used to have to deal with them as well).

I think society has us thinking we need to make some choice between smoking or not being a screw up but I’m not one to take that kind of thing.

I was so sick of worrying about a pre employment drug test every time I went for a job. Not to mention the constant threat of a random test which would mean I lose any job I did get.

So here’s the cool part.

You don’t need to worry about this stuff any more.

…Click here to see how to get a job you actually enjoy.

I’m not the kind of guy to tell people what to do.

Especially with their lives. I mean it’s your life you can go do you and make your on choices.

Especially when it’s not basic on logic or reason but I do try not to rant too much on why smoking should be legal in other states and the rest of the world. Instead I want to keep the focus on jobs that don’t drug test and the better alternatives you have in the first place.

Unluckily (for us and for society) most people accept some of these insane rules and ideas that you can’t have a decent job because you smoke. I mean it’s cool for the guy interviewing you to be drinking every other night but if you dare to use a (statistically proven) less harmful substance well you better get out of that job. Even if you’re otherwise the best candidate for the job.

You know how many people I know who smoke and find themselves in shitty jobs because of that? Some of the smartest guys I know work dead end jobs because they’ve been told they have no choice.

But man you have to be nuts in the head to restrict yourself to crappy jobs or worrying constantly about drug tests. Even the crap ones are starting to test these days.

If someone had told me what I’m about to tell you? Honestly I would of thought it was common sense. Of course it makes sense why didn’t I think of that before?

After spending so much time writing guides on passing drug tests and talking to people about it it wasn’t until someone said something to me which made it click in my head.

If you met me on the street and asked me what I actually did for a living (I’d rather you didn’t) you’d be surprised at the answer. I used to get annoyed that nobody would give me credit for the kind of work I do.

But to be honest I get it. If I saw me on the street (I’ll be honest I really do look like a pretty stereotypical stoner) I wouldn’t really give myself credit either.

But that’s all because of this rubbish misconception that the media spreads. That I am somehow incapable because I smoke? Yet I can open a six pack of beers and statistically do better at my job because I’m able to socialize with my co-workers.


It’s not that I’m a judgmental person it’s just that most of us seem to accept limitations we really don’t have to.

Forget worrying about drug tests and crap jobs. Click here instead…

I remember a while back I was sitting watching a Netflix documentary “Rolling Papers” which followed a couple of journalists and a photographer reviewing and shooting photos of cannabis.

drug testing jobs

Image source: Rolling Papers (Netflix)

It was pretty cool seeing some of the challenges they were facing working within the industry. And hell, here I was worrying about just getting a job at all. I felt like I was watching these guys have the perfect job.

Even though we’re slowly moving in the right direction the misconceptions people cling to still mean they don’t expect me to be able to hold down a job. They don’t expect me to be motivated or smart enough to perform at a certain level. Yet most of the people who would make the decision on whether or not I’m qualified based on the fact I might enjoy a smoke will go home and open a bottle of wine or have a few beers.

So I’m expected to sit down and accept some limitation just because you say I shouldn’t be able to perform at a certain level?

Originally this site was setup to contain a list of jobs that don’t drug test. We still maintain this list as much as possible but it’s become more. Instead of just keeping a list of crappy jobs which won’t get you to piss in a pot we want to show people how to get this kind of perfect job.

What really annoys me about the whole thing?

This concept of drug testing and screening only exists because some idiot didn’t have the balls to tell the public the truth (the truth based on the opinion of experts and various studies) and instead decided to take the easy out for political gain. Rather than informing people with the truth he demonized common sense and critical thinking and adopted an approach which has cost not only the country, but the world.

This “war on drugs” thing had caused some ridiculous things over the last decade alone. Perhaps the least of which is telling me what I can and can’t do but it is certainly one which gets under my skin.

A long time ago I gave up trying to educate people on the facts when it comes to marijuana. Sure the world is slowly moving in the right direction now with more dedicated people than I leading the charge. I didn’t have the stamina for it. I can only bang my head into a wall of ignorance so many times before losing the will.

But we do exist for some very specific purpose now. We exist to educate people who are bashing their heads against a wall when it comes to employment when they shouldn’t have to. Whether you’re just looking for a job to pay the bills or you know you’re capable of something more something so arbitrary shouldn’t be preventing you.

Click here to take the first step with me and see what I did to make a decent living without being treated like a 12 year old…

Now I know what you were expecting here. There are so many (too many) places catering to you with easy to digest lists. Bullet points which make it easy to read. In this case people are only to happy to give you this great list of jobs which don’t drug test in 2016.

jobs that don't drug test in 2016

Hey! Here’s the top 10 places you can work and get high! And all that jazz. I used to beat the pavement and make the phone calls. I’d update a list of places which basically didn’t care what you did. But the sad truth is most of these places are not worth your time anyway.

What’s even funnier is most of these crappy jobs are still going to ask you to take a drug test anyway.

pass a drug test

And if you’re settling for jobs on a list like this then you’re settling for the wrong reasons. You’re settling when you don’t have to.

So you’re basically being told you have to take a pointless job, for low money and you still risk losing your job at any moment. Even though your workplace was otherwise happy to have you around and now faces the additional cost of hiring someone new for an arbitrary reason – you clearly can’t be trusted with the job you already have.

I’m not saying I haven’t worked my share of pointless jobs. I’ve worked behind bars, in call centers and tapping doors to sell whatever the boss said I was selling that week. I’m sure some people love work like this but it wasn’t for me. It wasn’t what I wanted to do. But it was all I was told I could do.

And, because I’m human, I accepted this fact. For a while.

It wasn’t until someone else helped me question it that it changed for me. I didn’t need a babysitter in life and I can decide for myself what I do with my time – in a job and otherwise.

If all you’re really looking for is some daft list of places you can call and start working without having to deal with a drug test then we have that too. But honestly it is a waste of your time. Putting yourself at the whims of something like that is trusting to luck and limiting yourself to something you’ll no doubt hate anyway.

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