Can I Pass a Drug Test in 3 Weeks?

We’ve turned the site around a lot recently. And rather than focusing on avoiding drug tests entirely by getting a crappy job which won’t care enough about you to drug test you – we prefer to look at alternatives to let you work it to your strengths. Personally I got pretty sick of having to avoid drug tests and work jobs I hated but we do get asked about passing drug tests and since there are some common waiting times how about that big question.

“Can I pass a drug test in 3 weeks?” also known as “Oh crap I’m about to lose my job!”

This is our guide on passing a drug test within 3 weeks with some general pointers to make that timescale. If you’re new to passing a drug test completely check out the full guide on passing drug tests.

Now first up our advice is not to even bother. If your job is so behind the times on this then you should probably ditch it or quit smoking until they update their policies. Though by the time they manage that you’ll likely be retired.

Smoking and bypassing their drug tests (however you do it) is going to be breach of contract. I won’t pretend to know enough about employment law to give you actual advice but it’s probably a really bad idea. But the decision is on you no matter what you do.

The majority of the time a drug test is performed when you first get the job. Even if you have stopped smoking there might be some lingering traces – enough to set off a test.
So is it actually possible to pass a drug test you know is coming in 3 weeks? Well that all depends.

It depends on how often you smoke, how long you smoked for, your personal physiology, general health and a bundle of other factors you don’t have a lot of control over in the next few weeks.

The first step is obvious to stop smoking. This alone might be enough for some of you. Cleaning up your diet a bit (be honest) and getting some exercise over the next few weeks couldn’t hurt either.

The common next step are these detox drinks. I can’t really vouch for the taste and the effectiveness seems to be pretty hit and miss as well (again – too many factors to know for sure).

pass a drug test in 3 weeks

I can’t say I was too surprised to see the top question there was about passing a pre-employment drug test. Depending on where you’re applying a drug test might just be an on the spot job with a $10 kit they got online.

If they’re really into it (or they’re part of a bigger chain) then chances are they outsource their drug testing to a lab so they’ll send away your sample. These tests are generally a lot harder to pass.

That said some of these detox products have anecdotal evidence to suggest they worked for some. Your experience my vary of course as it depends on a couple of factors not all of which will be within your control.

Result 1:

“My test did go to a lab, it was a pre-employment test. The morning of the pre-employment test, I took an over-the-counter test at home which test positive for toxins. I then drank the herbal clean as I stated in my review, went to take the pre-employment test and received test results 2 days later that was Negative. ”

And there’s very little chance the lab is going to miss something that an over the counter test would pick up. 2 days is a pretty good turn around but things like your metabolism can play a part here.

Result 2:

“Mine went to a lab and I passed. That’s all I can say. Not sure what labs do what and where. This worked for me!!!”

Nothing much to say about this one. Not much detail but it’s probably safe to assume it was similar to result 1.

Result 3:

“It will most likely but it took two spaced several days apart and lots of fluids to clear my system although I have a lot of extra body fat”

Perfect example of the variation in body types here. But even then 3 weeks should be more than enough time to pass your test. There’s other examples which make it look even more promising claiming a couple of hours.

Again. Results may vary. There’s more reviews saying it worked than it didn’t but there are a number of reviews saying it didn’t help and they failed their test.

So results suggest this kind of thing can help you pass a drug test but it’s not a guaranteed thing. Your body type, genetics and (of course) the amount of use will dictate how likely it is.

The DIG guidelines:

• Single use: 3 days
• Moderate use (4x/week): 5-7 days
• Daily use: 10-15 days
• Long-term heavy smoker: >30 days

That is without detox supplements to help you pass the tests of course. There’s no 100% set numbers to this but that should give you a rough guide and consider a detox supplement a booster to these numbers. But if you’re cutting it close they might be the swing vote.

Interestingly enough one of the first results I came across on Amazon was basically fake urine which you would pour into the cup and it would pass the test. How effective that would be? I don’t know. If I’d be that committed to carrying around a bottle of fake piss? I doubt it. If that would count as fraudulent? Eehh… I’m going to guess ‘probably’.

I wouldn’t swear on your grandmas life that you’ll pass a test though. After a certain point you’ve just gotta cross your fingers and pray.

So for some of us three weeks is enough to pass a drug test. But that said do you really have to deal with that? We started this site to help people find jobs that don’t drug test and don’t suck. You might be surprised the stuff you get away with and how a toke every once in a while can actually be good for your wage.

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