Do Gas Stations Drug Test?

Gas stations are probably one of the obvious picks for a grunt work job which might not drug test.

So do gas stations do a drug test and can you pass them if they do?

First up the basics.

 If you want to remove any chance of losing your job to a drug test then check out our full guide by clicking here and we’ll show you how to pass or avoid any drug test.

Gas Stations and Drug Tests

Working at a gas station does come with the risk of a drug test. Less so than some of the other jobs we’ve covered. Probably around the same level as restaurants drug testing.

You probably have more chance of facing a pre employment drug test than a random spot check. Very few gas stations are not part of a much bigger chain which means they’ll have to listen to their strict HR rules.

Anecdotal evidence says you’re not likely to have to deal with lab tests or much in the way of random tests during employment. Keep in mind that it costs them to test so they’re not going to want to do it unless they think it’s required or some outdated practice suggests they should.

They commonly have a pre employment urine test. The test is usually unsupervised and performed with the same kind of kit you’d get yourself.

gas stations drug test

In fact sometimes a station stocks home drug testing kits. There have been stories circulating of managers taking one from the shelves and handing you it. I haven’t seen this happen myself but if the HR mandate is just a vaguely worded ‘have them drug tested’ I can see this actually happening.

If you’re applying for a job at a gas station you might want to get yourself a standard home test kit. If you can pass that you’ll probably pass the one they give you.

Note: We have to say probably here. There’s a lot of variables here and we really don’t know what kind of test you’ll be given in every situation.

How Much do Gas Stations Pay?

The short answer here is “not enough”. I mean I don’t really think many of us take a job there for the piles of cash they hand out.

If you like the work then fair enough but it’s not exactly enough to make a living and if you’re doing it to avoid drug testing then you’re settling.

I’m really not a fan of settling.

If you’re just looking for jobs that don’t drug test there are better paying ones out there. He better option is to check out the guide on passing or avoiding drug tests to begin with.

I would rather help show you how to get (and keep) the job you actually want with our guide but if you really want to stick to the crappy ones let’s take a look.

The Work

General grunt work. Fill the shelves, maybe pump gas and answer the same questions over and over. But it’s cool I mean the long hours make up for the tedium, right?

I don’t think too much really needs said here.

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