Do Restaurants Drug Test?

Looking at a job in a restaurant and wondering if they’re going to drug test you? If you’re going for a expensive place as a head chef and they think they can get away with it then the answer is “probably” but what about one of a million fast food places or do restaurants drug test waiters?

If you want to remove the risk factor of a drug test entirely (in a restaurant or otherwise) check out our full guide on passing any drug test.

Do Restaurants Drug Test

Do Fast Food Restaurants Drug Test?

Tricky one.

On any forum when people ask for no drug test jobs one of the first responses they get is a fast food restaurant. Normally because these are the kind of crappy jobs who just don’t really care and generally won’t really bother.


And that’s a tricky but.

Most of the fast food restaurants will at least have the option to drug test you. Some will even have it in the contact they can test you randomly when you show up for your shift. And some will have a pre employment drug test right at your first interview.

There are plenty of story’s about people expecting to get away without a drug test because the job is crap and yet they still test.

chain restaurant drug test

This can really depend on how the chain works and how much control the individual restaurant is given from the main chain rules. If the branch is at least part owned they might be able to decide for themselves if they drug test. If they’re corporate owned or they don’t get this kind of choice for themselves then they might not have the choice.

So one MacDonalds might test while the other doesn’t. It’ll vary between chains and no doubt there’s a manager somewhere testing people out of his own pocket even though the chain itself doesn’t care.

So there’s no hard and fast answer for this one I’m afraid. Some chain restaurants will drug test others won’t – and it might even vary between the individual places within that chain.

How About Smaller Places?

You’re likely to have more luck here. They won’t be guided by outmoded HR rules and they’ll also probably not want the extra cost of having to drug test everyone.

This isn’t to say there’s no chance you’re getting tested but it might well be your best shot at working in a restaurant. Of course this also really narrows your choices because less smaller places will be hiring compared to the bigger chains.

So you’re limited to a crappy job and you’re limited to a smaller number of them? This is why we’ve started showing people an alternative than trying so hard to get this kind of job.

Restaurants that Don’t Drug Test

The old list we used to maintain (and no doubt there’s still one kicking around somewhere but it’s been a good few years since anyone has really maintained one) would include restaurants. But because a lot of that comes down to luck it’s always hard to tell with the bigger places. Not to mention that the rules for this kind of thing can change at any point.

Just because a place hasn’t tested anyone in the last decade doesn’t mean they can’t turn around and drug test their entire staff tomorrow.

So do restaurants drug test? The shower answer is most do but they’re not the most strict option and you might get lucky and get away with it.

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