Do Temp Agencies Drug Test?

It makes me sad how often I get asked about temp agencies drug testing. Not because I have to give them the answer they don’t want to hear but because of the reasoning behind it.

This is a look at temp agencies specifically. If you’re looking for the main guide on passing and avoiding drug tests then click here instead.

Now I have nothing against temp agencies. If that’s what you want to do then great. I know some people enjoy the degree of freedom from temping and it’s generally a pretty quick start which never hurts.

If you have an actual reason for getting into a temp agency then I’m sorry to tell you that most do drug test. Because they think employers need to see it they’ll provide it as a service to them sometimes on request and sometimes regardless if the employer cares or not.

temp agency drug test

If however you want to know because you’re just looking for another pointless job to fill your time and make rent then I’m very glad you’re here and I get to tell you that yes! Yes they do drug test so you can stop wasting your time!

It riles me up no end seeing some of the smartest guys I know waste away their time in pointless jobs because of drug testing. Some of them have qualifications in fields I can barely pronounce yet the guy who does more harm to himself with alcohol and is less capable than my friend won’t employ him because he likes to smoke.

You might be in a similar position yourself. Maybe you’re good at something. Maybe you’re great at something. Or maybe you’re just better than the other idiots who work at a job which you’ve been turned down from because they drug test for something which doesn’t affect your job performance.

We’ve moved away from keeping crappy list of pointless jobs which don’t trust test. Instead I want to show people this. I want to show people that you don’t have to spend most of your time doing a job you hate because you can’t be trusted to be an adult.

Most temp agencies will use a pre employment drug test during the trial period at least. They’ll try to weed you out early (see what I did there)? If you luck out there you still risk losing your job at any point because the moment a potential employer asks for it they’re going to wave that cup in front of you because an agency doesn’t need to have any loyalty to you.

They’re likely asking you to take the test because they want to give you to the employer. They know you’re maybe reliable, work hard and you’d be capable of doing the job. But we must first bow down to the wisdom of the pissing cup because that will decide who can actually perform the job and who has to take a timeout in the naughty corner.

People have accused me of being biased when I write these answers but I tend to accuse people of lacking critical thinking so I guess it balances out.

If you do luck out and the temp agency doesn’t test you themselves at any point you still run into the potential of the agencies clients wanting you test you themselves. Again this could be when you start the job or they could do it randomly. One of their employees litters and leaves half a cigarette on the ground they’re likely to blame the temp first and ask questions later.

In short (for those skimming through the guide for an answer.

Yes – temp agencies are likely to drug test you at some point if not right away.

But no you shouldn’t care because you’d make less money as a temp anyway.

If you choose not to take the advice on the rest of the site and you still want to apply then there’s a better way than just calling up with “Hey! Do you guys drug test? … I’m just asking for a friend… Hello? Hello?”

Instead you might want to call up and ask if they’d accept your doctors note on prescriptions and how that would affect their drug testing. If they don’t have one you’ll find out then and there. The other alternative being have a look at our guide on passing drug tests or check out the list of jobs that don’t drug test.

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