High Paying Jobs that Don’t Drug Test

I feel like I spend far too much time ranting about the state of affairs when idiots years ago decided political gain was more important than the truth and led us to facing drug testing in the work place.

When someone told the public I wouldn’t be suitable for my job because I liked to smoke. Not only was this not based on evidence – it was actually the opposite of the evidence they had been given by experts and studies but it wouldn’t be what the misinformed voters wanted to hear.

high paying jobs that don't drug test

If Nixon had the balls to tell the public the truth back then I wouldn’t have to put together a guide on high paying jobs that don’t drug test.

So chances you know that sensible drug use won’t change your job any more than sensible alcohol use (yes, I know alcohol is a drug as well but lets pretend to be shrieking idiots voicing opinions on matters we don’t fully understand for a moment). But chances are you’ve had to face some kind of barrier here.

You’ve been told you can’t perform a task. Maybe you’ve even been turned away from a job because of a drug test already.

I know I’ve been told I don’t deserve a high paying job because of some of my life decisions. I made a mistake in some peoples eyes by ignoring what I was supposed to be doing and applied logic and reason (scary biscuits) to what I did.

There are some fields I do very well in these days. I’m not the smartest guy in the world and probably not the hardest working either. But I know my strengths and I play to them. And… Well let’s say I do OK.

But if I was to have a smoke I’d not be able to slash my current income and work for someone else because of some outdated, outmoded and originally nonsense rule in the first place. I’ve already ranted on how useless pre employment drug tests are so I won’t go back into that again but you have to be aware that there are some restrictions current society expects to put on your earnings because you smoke.

And there’s a few things we can do about that.

1. This site used to be solely to host this list of jobs you wouldn’t need a drug test for in the first place. Then we expanded to teach people how to use it to their advantage. The easiest way to get a high paying job that doesn’t drug test? Check this out.
2. Hope to pass a test and face potentially losing your job at any moment.
3. Work for a smaller company who doesn’t test. Who either have the sense not to or lack the funds to be able to. You still potentially risk this changing and then you’re back to the risk of becoming unemployed without warning.
4. Give up smoking. Because even though you’re an adult you’re not mature enough to decide what you can do and still perform a role.

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