How to Pass a Drug Test in 2 Weeks

Whether you’re looking at a pre employment test or being faced with a random check (that you’re lucky enough to have 2 weeks notice on) you might have a chance to pass a drug test in 2 weeks.

¬†This is our rough look at passing a drug test in 2 weeks and some specific things you can look at. If you’re new to this or want to make sure you pass:

Can You Pass a Drug Test in 2 Weeks?

The short answer here is – probably.

We put this awesome guide together on how to pass any drug test which covers the specifics on what these tests actually look for and what you can do to get around them.

how to pass a drug test in 2 weeks

It really depends on a lot of factors personal to you. How much you smoke, your diet and your body physiology. There are of course some things you can start doing to help prepare for it which drastically increase your chances but if you’ve been smoking constantly for a decade and just skip a few days that’s not going to be enough to pass a test within 2 weeks.

We did a guide a few weeks back on passing a test in 3 weeks which covered some basic methods you can use to prepare for an upcoming test. Here we’ll look at taking things a bit further assuming we have a shorter time span to work with.

If you really want to make sure you pass I would suggest using our guide. It’s where we can cover more and it’s the first thing we update as tests and methods of passing them evolve.

If you’re skipping the guide there’s a few things you can try and cross your fingers for at least.

The go to method for beating a urine test used to be dilution. Drinking a lot of water before going in for the test and if the company is really behind on the times that might still work but it’s unlikely. Labs especially know exactly how to pick up on this and will flag your test results for tampering.

You can sometimes hide this by stocking up on B vitamins (from your diet running up to the test and from supplements) and have a table spoon of salt before going in. The vitamin B can help explain the clear colour (which is also caused by dilution) and the salt covers the electrolytes when they test it suspecting dilution.

Oddly enough planning like this can help pass a lab test but if your job is using a home kit it might just detect the suspected dilution and flag it anyway. So it helps if you can find out what kind of test you’ll be doing.

And obviously dilution only works for urine tests. If you’re facing a hair test that’s a whole other problem. I’ve heard of people shaving their head to avoid a hair test but they can take the hair from anywhere on your body. Not to mention if you suddenly show up bald before a hair test your work is likely just going to fire you for being dumb enough to think that would work.

For passing a hair test you really need a detox. Check the guide and the quicker the better.

Can You Pass a Drug Test in a Day?

Sometimes we get asked about passing a test in a much smaller time frame. A day or even a few hours. You don’t really have a whole lot of hope here. If you’re really pushing and maybe you’re not a heavy smoker then grab our guide and have a look you might get lucky.

You can try to dilute the results by drinking a lot of water beforehand but only older crappier tests will be fooled by that kind of thing and the lab tests also might notice you tried to screw with the results. There are products which promise to pass a test with an hours notice but the likelihood of them working isn’t exactly high.

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