How to Pass Pre Employment Drug Testing

When you’re looking at a new job you might be tested at your first interview or at least pretty early on. So we maintain a guide on how to pass a pre employment drug test and help get you in that door.


 This is a rough guide looking at pre employment drug testing specifically. This can vary between companies of course.
To see our full guide on passing any kind of drug test you can click here.

how to pass pre employment drug testing

How to Beat a Urine Test

I know there are stories floating around of swapping urine and methods like that but think of it this way. If you know about them – the tester probably does as well. It used to be pretty easy to do something like this but now the tests are stricter and sometimes monitored.

We’ve a guide on passing a drug test within 3 weeks which touched on this before. Basically you want to give your body a detox of anything which would flag up on a test. To start with you need to stop smoking and help your body clear the system. There are third party products which are made to help pass a test but as the game of cat and mouse continues labs are getting better and better at spotting these products and even if they don’t flag on the test itself they can flag as tampered with which is just as damning.

As a more immediate fix you can dilute the sample by drinking a large amount of water before taking your test. Obviously not to unsafe levels (yes, you can cause real harm drinking too much water) but if the ratio is lowered and some tests won’t flag as positive.

Unintentional diluting is pretty common but labs also know how to look for it and they’re becoming better at spotting it.

Your choices are pretty limited here. It’s a game of cat and mouse and companies providing kits and services are only as good as their ability to beat the workarounds.

pre employment drug test

How to NOT Beat a Urine Test

I don’t know how some of these things get around but they’re so far from true. You hear some of the worst suggestions sometimes. Sometimes stoners give bad advice – who knew?

• Don’t try and use animal urine. Just don’t do it. It won’t work. And I don’t want to know where you got that bottle from. Please put it away. Is that lid on tight?
• Steal the test. If you take a test then somehow swipe the sample on the way out they’re not going to forget about it and not test you. Aside from assuming you’d fail the test they’re probably going to fail your pre employment for theft. Not to mention this could lead to you getting into bigger trouble than just looking for a job.

Pre Employment Drug Testing Do They Watch You?

Some tests will be more lenient than others. Usually however they can take a hair sample with you in full view and if it’s a urine sample you might get some pretty limited privacy and you won’t be allowed to take anything in with you. They might tell you it’s an observed drug test or you might not find out until you’re presented with the pot.

How to Pass a Lab Drug Test

Some tests might be done in house with the same kind of home drug test you’d pick up at the store yourself. If you’re worried about passing a pre employment drug test then this should probably be your first port of call to see if you can pass one you give yourself.

Of course there are labs which specialize in this kind of thing. Funnily enough some of the bigger ones spend an interesting amount of money fighting to keep weed demonized. I wonder if they could have a motive for doing something like that…

But I digress.

These lab tests might be funding immoral practices but most of them (any worth their outrageous fee) are going to be doing a better job then a home drug tester. They will have a wider range of equipment and a staff who know what they’re doing. Some tricks which might fool a home kit won’t fool a lab drug test as easily.

You haven’t really a whole lot of options at this point. Unless you’ve been able to prepare for it (if you have the time check out our guide on beating tests with a few weeks notice) then you don’t have a great chance of passing.

Did I Pass My Drug Test?

After you’ve taken your test you might be left wondering if you passed or not. If the employer does a pre employment test right then and there with a home kit or something you might get your results within a few minutes. If samples are sent away then you might have an agonizing wait ahead.

We’ve looked at some stats in the past for failing a pre employment drug test. It does happen but not all that often.

If it’s a lab test then you might have the lab call you directly with the results. If it’s a fail they might be following up with a few questions and you might be given a chance at a second test if they think anything might of provided a false positive.

The alternative is the employer might call you directly with the results. If the give you a second interview it might mean that the results are in and you’ve passed – or it might be they’re assuming that you’ll pass and the results are not back yet because the majority do pass. So don’t get your hopes up just because you get the call back.

If you do fail your pre employment test then chances are you won’t get the job and usually it goes no further than that. But the company might keep records which would prevent you from getting work with them in the future so you might want to reconsider applying if you’re not sure you can pass.

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