Superfood Drink

Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition.

I keep saying it – but for good reason. Get this right and everything else becomes¬†so much easier. But it’s not always that easy to get right.

At least some of you will remember when juicing really started to take off in popularity. I’ll admit I originally bought a juicer alongside everyone else and thought great – that’s the end of all my nutrition problems.

The problem I found was two-fold:

  • It’s not easy to know what you need to put in there (and even if you did – it really adds up to price when you can’t buy in bulk).
  • The damn washing up. It was constant and a real pain (especially if I was using linseed oil or something in there).

We produce and go through a crap ton of nutrition videos but in terms of improving your diet without hassle, the Organifi Green Juice is a doddle. It wins our Seal of Health for 2017 hands down.

I’m not saying people will be lining up for the taste (although honestly, you could do a *lot* worse it’s still a damn sight better than most of the store-bought smoothies) but you can take a look at peoples experiences with it. Well worth checking out whether you currently juice or not.

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