Wanna help support my work? Here’s two ways you this video, Loren answers the question, “how many calories should the average person consume?” How many calories constitutes caloric restriction? Does bodily efficiency play a role in caloric needs? If so, how can we change bodily efficiency? Carb the fuck up, or clean the fuck out?

The founder and director of the Tanglewood Wellness Center in Costa Rica, Loren began studying the relationship between nutrition & health in 1977. Since 1997, Loren has led more than 2000 people through water fasts of 1 to 9 weeks, & has coached more than 2000 others to better health.

In 1984, Loren contracted chronic fatigue, irritable bowel, candidiasis, sinusitis, & 57 allergies. After a 3 year struggle with medicine, Loren got himself well within 6 months. Hes been a raw vegan since 1991.

Now 52, Loren hasnt been sick a day in 26 years, & can show you how you can eliminate tiredness, lack of mental clarity, poor energy, as well as almost any health challenge.

This video deals with high carb low fat raw veganism, the fruit-based diet, raw food, hydration, high-water foods, long-term raw vegans, water fasting, fruitarianism, detox, health and wellness..


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