Nutrition for Weight Loss

Video from a recent workshop at Crossfit @ The Shop in Corvallis, OR. Coach Drew Skaggs reviews the single biggest thing that keeps people from getting the most benefit from their workouts, even if they are doing CrossFit, or have hired a personal trainer.

If you want to watch the rest of the video or attend a workshop in person, here to check the schedule. below

nutrition for weight loss – fat loss lifestyle’s: how to lose weight fast: five nutrition principles.

If youve been spinning your wheels and not making the type of progress you want, I’m willing to bet that it’s not from a lack of information. In the Internet age, we can have an overload of information that can be a problem because it leads to inaction what we need is less talk, more action. I’ll actually in a show you strategies that you can implement right away to lead you down the path to success. I want to thank everyone for coming out today so glad you’re here hopefully you a lot about nutrition and get a lot of take-home point so you can implement right away. The first I want to present you with a quote. Methods are many principles are few methods change principles never do on its way metal if you look at any popular diet today out there on the market so the paly of diet whole 30 diet. The diet. If you break those down into their constituent parts likely see that they overlap quite a bit so they share a lot of similarities, but perhaps they differ in the methods in which they apply those principles but one of the things that all of those guys are trying to do is trying to bridge the knowledge gap and more often than not, we don’t have a knowledge gap. We have a behavior gap. What is that it means that the most part we know what foods we should be eating word is not even or perhaps if you’re a busy mom with kids or use God’s family member that works late due to different times. There’s a lot of challenges that can be presented that would make it difficult to incorporate these foods. So once again, it’s not a knowledge problem. The behavior problem that’s exactly what I intend to do today I want to teach you the principles that empower you to create your own methods to apply these principles in ways that fit your lifestyle ways that are sustainable ways that you can incorporate and incorporate them for life. Principle number one it slowly so most of us have a tendency to just shovel food down our faces fast as we can couple problems that number one it takes time for your body to detect that fullness signal so from the time you start eating the digestion process is beginning your body is sort of sensing healthful you are, but it takes approximately 20 minutes for your body to really know when you hit that that fullness. Mark so the problem is if you shovel all the food on your face in five minutes used potentially overstuffed yourself before your body had a chance to realize it was artful in this pattern of over eating lead to weight gain, and a host of other problems. Additionally, eating slowly has a few more benefits one you tend to feel more satisfied from the meal and I don’t is been satisfied is in full and satisfied is and you derive enjoyment out of the process so you’ve taken the time to savor every bite and chewed it thoroughly. Hopefully, or possibly your eating with significant other, your family and therefore you can actually engage in those meaningful relationships around food. Food is such a big part of all of our lives. Why would we not take the time to enjoy the process reference to eat protein with every meal..


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