Recipe “Eat for Beauty” : Here they – Homemade SuperFoods at their finest: Sprouts, Cultured or Fermented Vegetables, Miso, Hemp Seeds and Kefir. I also recommend Prebiotics and Kombucha

For more INFO on SuperFoods and how to Prepare:

*Sprouting Tutorial: (Fermented Butternut Squash): coconut milk recipe: BBC Documentary – Watch From min 40:47: Here: THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE:………….

Ekart Tolle: “A New Earth” & “The Power of Now”

Titles: “The China Study”

God’s Way to Ultimate Health”

How to Make Friends and Influence People!

“Men are From Mars and Women are from Venus”

“Raw Food for Dummies”

My Book 🙂 “Eat for Beauty” – Won’t probably change your life but has great recipe tips

Frequently Asked Questions: ……………………….

Camera: Canon T5i or in Europe called Cannon Adobe Premier Pro
My Background: Mixed (Italian -mum, Nigeria – Dad, Born – Germany)
Started YouTube: 2014

Things that help me stay GROUNDED and HAPPY
1) Exercise and Stretching (Yoga, dance, jogging)
2) Healthy Relationships (The key is to treat others the way you want to be treated))
3) Clean Eating (I love plant based foods) they contain fibre to clean the colon, they are not fattening and they don’t produce too much acidity (toxicity) in your body
4) Connecting with my higher spiritual self (call it God, Nature, Universe, Mother, Father) It’s all around us, it’s in us.


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