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7-Day Detox Diet 101 – At Last! Discover & Clean Your Body With the Detox Diet
The foods that we eat these days are full of preservatives. Detoxification and colon cleanse are just some ways by which we can get rid of these harmful toxins. Another way is by changing our diet and lifestyle. Since a total change in the diet can be difficult for most people, some health experts have advocated the 7-Day Detox Diet.

The 7-Day Detox diet consists of taking raw vegetables and fresh fruits, green tea, and supplements. The idea is to forcibly flush out toxins from the system. Saturated fats, preservatives, and pesticides all contribute to the toxic buildup in the body. Organic vegetables and fruits are easier to digest. Your body can in fact digest these in less than 30 minutes, making it easier to prevent the buildup of toxins. On the other hand, meat and other fatty substance take more time to digest, thus making toxic buildup easier. When undergoing this plan, you need to eat a lot of these foods and avoid meat, dairy, alcohol, and caffeine. Instead, drink a lot of water and tea to flush out toxins from your system. Afterwards, you will feel refreshed, like your weight has dropped down significantly.

Do not do this for more than the recommended timeframe, though, and remember to consult your physician before undergoing such diet. You need to know your physical and health condition first to ensure that taking the diet will not cause any problem. ly/7dayrawdetoxreviewtips

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