Detox Dieting

Hey guys,
in this video I tell you (almost) everything you really need to know about the banana cleanse called ‘Banana Island’. I will answer the following questions:
– What is Banana Island?
– Why am I going on Banana Island?
– What are some of the positive effects?
– What am I eating in a day on Banana Island?
– Aren’t you bored with all those bananas?
– Don’t you get a potassium overdose?
– What about constipation?
– What if I don’t really like bananas that much?
– Who would you recommend to go on Banana Island?
– How do I prepare for the island?

Here’s the to Durianrider’s video I have for watching! Please, let me know if you have any questions. I will answer those in the next video and share my experience and some recipes and food diaries with you after about two weeks on the island!

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