Detox Dieting

A banana diet, or a banana island, as it is also known is an easy and sweet way to achieve weight loss, help your body cleanse, help you enjoy simplicity and aids your body’s healing.

The banana plan is very much what it sounds you eat just bananas for a period of time.

Ive personally done a banana diet myself several times, lasting from 3-12 days and I often get questions from people that ask: Should I just drink bananas? Can I add milk to my smoothies? Can I drink coffee? Can I add sugar to my smoothies?

The point of a banana island is that all you eat is bananas.

In saying that, I would also recommend adding greens (like lettuce, celery, micro greens) and even coconut water to your banana smoothies, at least once a WEBINAR: Discover the exact blueprint our clients use to release 10-50 pounds without dieting, get off or reduce their medication and heal their ongoing health issues naturally.

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