Nutrition for Weight Loss

is a very broad subject, I didn’t even touch 1% of all the information we have on Nutrition and how it affects the body.

If you’re interested, I can make future videos short but more precise. For example, go indepth about the different types of proteins, carbohydrates, fats (I didn’t even cover proteins/fats in this video! And barely touched upon carbs!)

Let me know what you want to see, highest rated up gets the video Channel: Channel: What should I eat? How can I lose weight? How can I gain weight? I’m a hard gainer. How to eat healthy? What are macros? What are macronutrients? What are simple and complex carbs? How much protein do I need to eat? What should I eat to gain muscle? Are simple carbs bad? The Twinkie diet. Mark Haub. What is the best weight loss diet? Basic Nutrition, Macronutrients..


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