Detox Dieting

Breast Cancer patients often wonder if they’re healthy enough to start a detox diet, which is a plant-based or vegan diet that has a cleansing effect on the body.

The following tips will help you transition and maintain your healthy efforts:

1) Decide to take it slow. By setting the intention to slowly transition into a detox diet, we send reaffirming signals.

2) Set a progressive plan.The plan should gradually guide you into a more plant-based diet, week by week.

3)Be patient and optimistic. Don’t get discouraged by the side effects of cleaner eating, because this phase will soon pass.

4)Use natural remedies. A detox bath does wonders for body aches, skin detoxification and overall rejuvenation.

5)Celebrate even the smallest achievements. Finding ways to reward your accomplishments will encourage you to keep up with a plant-based diet.

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