Detox Dieting

Im THE queen of the juice detox on a budget! I started as an art college student in NYC so I’ve got a few tricks to not break the bank.

I have been juice fasting for 9 years now and this is my 30th fast! After seeing my mother get breast cancer for the second time I knew that it was even more important for me to be aware of my nutrition and diet. Juice detoxing is not only a cleanse
for the body but also is a cleanse for the mind and spirit.

Jesus did it, Buddha did it, Mohammad, even the Scientologists know the secret. Fasting is one of the oldest treatments known to man. Many animals in nature fast when they are sick. Its logical to see that the less your body has to digest the more energy it has to work on the rest of your body through detoxing. I sleep about 50% less and get some of my best ideas when I am juice fasting. It is great for fighting a creative block and bringing forth spiritual enlightenment.

These days we need to work overtime to fight toxins and the technology of juicing is a great way to maximize our nutrition. Although I personally dont juice fast for weight loss, I believe that it is an excellent way to be on the path to lose weight and burn fat if done correctly and most importantly in the right mindset


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