Jeremy Mullins is a registered dietician who owns two in West Virginia. His take on nutrition is that it’s not a one-size-fits-all strategy.

“Just like in training programs, there’s a lot of variance in nutritional programs based upon the individual,” he says.

In this video, Mullins interviews CrossFit athletes to find out what they are eating and to look for trends.

For Rich Froning Jr., milk is a main item on his menu both before and after his workouts. He also combines Progenex with chocolate milk after some workouts.

Michelle Kinney also likes supplements for post-workout recovery when she doesn’t have time to eat a protein- and carbohydrate-heavy meal.

Dan Bailey starts with a protein shake and then needs a meal soon after, or, he says: “I’ll be so fatigued I won’t be able to move.”

In addition to a post-workout shake, reigning Games champ Graham Holmberg is also focusing on recovery foods like acai berries and sea greens, which are superfoods, and higher starch carbohydrates like sweet potatoes after a workout. For Holmberg, quality matters.

“I’m trying to be more conscious of trying to get, like, fresh produce, like organic milk … local-raised chicken, that kind of stuff,” he.


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