Finding the best nutrition for when your out on a bike ride can be hard especially if it’s an 80 plus kilometer ride, you want to stay well hydrated and fueled or you’ll soon get dropped and run out of energy.
I use all sorts of natural home made gels that are easy to carry and easy to make, here is one i made out of medjool dates almonds and maple syrup.
This taste great and gives you an instant hit of energy.
Cycling is a hard sport so make sure you stay properly fueled for the entire ride and make some of your own gels for those long bike ride.
This is the only and the best epo i need and the best thing is it’s good for you and all natural.

You should consult your before doing any strenuous exercise or workout, if you have any dizziness or pain you should stop immediately, you do this workout at your own risk. Please be reminded i am not a personal trainer this is just my workout routine you should consult a personal trainer to obtain a proper workout for what you want to to my channel for more great videos and leave me some feedback about the video in the below or on.


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