David Avocado Wolfe talks superfoods, nutrition, and growth and cultivation of cacao, avocado, mucuna, and much more. How technology and understanding has outpaced federal legislation, and the keys to creating the best day ever through exploring nature and applying its organic lessons in our lives to create longevity and happiness are shared with Karina Velasco in this uncensored Coffee Tea or BIO:
David Avocado Wolfe is the rock star and Indiana Jones of the superfoods and longevity universe. The worlds top CEOs, ambassadors, celebrities, athletes, artists, and the real superheroes of this planetMomsall look to David for expert advice in health, beauty, herbalism, nutrition, and chocolate!
He is the co-founder of online health magazine and is the visionary founder and president of the non-profit The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation charity with a mission to plant 18 billion fruit, nut, and medicinal trees on planet Earth.
With over 22 years of dedicated experience and having hosted over 2750 live events, David has led the environmental charge for radiant health via a positive mental attitude, eco-community building, living spring water, and the best-ever quality organic foods and herbs.

00:01 Welcoming David Avocado Wolfe to Coffee Tea or Getting deeper knowledge and understanding of superfoods.
04:37 Developing a relationship with nature–wherever you are.
07:56 Food, and bees–energetically connected.
11:30 Gaining momentum in the new age food community–unlocking minds through passion.
15:20 Discovery and entering Superhero Training.
18:06 Harvest and celebrating life: Ill have what shes having…
20:51 How to start growing, fermenting, and sprouting.
23:34 Longevity tools to live longer than ever–natural foods and stem cells.
26:20 Technology and nutrition outpacing federal approval.
30:00 Peru and retreats in South America.
32:18 A new book in the works, and a look back at chocolate in Mexico.
34:48 More trips and retreats in the works.
35:50 and goodbye..


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