Detox Dieting

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Today Video is related to my detox diet part 3.

Detox Diet Plan for Weight Loss How to Quick Weight Loss with Detox Diet Recipes.

I start my day with Turmeric Tea at 6:30AM.

For breakfast:- Boil Egg salad with green tea.

2 boil egg along with yolk, capsicum, onion and tomatoes.

mix them well.

After few hours of breakfast:- one Kiwi, some strawberry and one orange.

Lunch:- Vegetable juice
Bottle gourd, one tomato, one orange, one apple some ginger and few leaves of spinach.

Evening Coffee:- Iced Black Coffee with biscuits and almonds.

Dinner:- Papaya, Strawberry and orange.

Sandwich Video grain roti video salad video out this diet and post your before and after picture…
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