Detox Dieting


In a nutshell, what the PDF report reveals is that if you are looking for a detox diet plan, what you are really looking for is a nutritionally-dense, superfood formulation like Isagenix, because 99% of the detoxifying that takes place in the body is done by the body’s own natural detoxifying system.

The key to understanding what a detox diet plan is can be found in the following excerpt from the PDF report entitled, “Why Diets Fail”:

“There is no doubt that 99% of the cleansing that takes place in a person’s body has to do with when the organs are functioning properly. There might be. . . . 1% that’s associated with some of the ingredients that actually do reach out and grab toxins. But by and large, it has to be your own body, because your body is the number one detoxifier. . . . . So, you want to have all the organs working the very best you can and that’s what Isagenix does. It gives you the nutritionally dense foods to make or help your body achieve its own balance. ”

The above quote explains exactly how a detox diet plan works. Your body is not need or want harsh chemicals, diuretics or laxatives to eliminate toxins. What your body needs to detoxify is the nutritionally dense foods that help its organs to function as nature intended them to. When your organs are functioning properly, your body will naturally eliminate toxins and the fat cells that encase them. The results is healthy and effective weight loss. whydietsfail. info. whydietsfail. info


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