Detox Dieting

Follow this weekend diet plan especially designed to lose weight fast without affecting your weight loss diet TO LOOKOUTWEIGHT: US ON US on Diet Chart especially designed for social gatherings, parties or get-together party menu – Have anything but in moderation,
Light Starters or first meal or Appetizers,
liquor in moderation avoid Wine, Whiskey, Vodka.
Drink water, avoid carbonated drinks, fizzy, beers,
Main course – vegetarian, non-vegetarian food items,
DESSERT- cakes
Detox your body,
BREAKFAST- eat fruits like apple, guavas, oranges, watermelon and drink lemonade empty stomach,
AVOID sugary fruits Like mangoes, bananas, plums, kiwis, grapes, junk food, spicy food, salt, sugar,
LUNCH – Vegetable soup,Green Salad.
EVENING SNACK – apple,green tea,low calorie, fibre biscuits.
DINNER-Vegetable / Chicken SOUP..


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