Detox Dieting

Over-eating, binging on all that is sweet and indulging in rich oil-laden food! Sounds familiar?Of course, it does! With the festive season (Diwali)come outings, parties and frequent visits to the market and the chaatwala!But when all the celebrations are over, we feel bloated and fat. It feels like we have been eating non-stop for days!
This is the right time to opt for a detoxifying diet that can cleanse your system and get you back to your normal food cycle.

No to sugar and processed food

Stay away from too much sugar at least for a week to start with. Your body just got an extra dose of sweets during the festivals so now it is time to bid them goodbye for some time. Cook fresh food at home and dont buy processed food items that might look easy to cook or are ready-to-eat.
Fresh fruits and fresh vegetables

Opt for colored fruits and vegetables. These contain antioxidants that activate liver enzymes. These enzymes help in knocking out all the harmful substances in the body. Have spinach, bell peppers, green leafy vegetables and berries to fee super light.

Soups and early dinner

Soups are a great way to fill your tummy in the night without feeling bloated. If possible, have your dinner before 8 pm and keep it light. Mushrooms, tomatoes, corn, cabbage there are a number of options to make a healthy soup for dinner. If you still feel hungry, you can have a slice of toasted brown bread along with your soup. But dont put too many spices in the soup. The idea is to give the body and your digestive system some rest.

The basic idea behind a detox diet is to make you pee, poop and sweat more often so that all the toxic substances flow out of your system. Start your day with a liquid and end it with a liquid. For a week, drink at least 10 glasses of water daily and you will be amazed to see the :
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