How To Stay Slim And Vibrant Permanently Eating Delicious Foods That Rejuvenate Your Body. 5-Day Raw Food Kickstart Menu Plan: Jolie went on a vegan diet … only to claim that it nearly killed her and that she was not getting enough nutrition on it. She had to quit it and go back to eating steaks.

And that piece of news was a golden opportunity for the meat eating proponents to say that vegan diets are bad for you and you have to eat animal products or else you can face big health issues!

The biggest misconception held by many people regarding the eating of meat is that you have to have it in your diet to meet your bodys large protein requirement.

The World Health Organisation recommends that adults should consume around 5% of total calories as protein per day. How much protein do you get on a raw vegan diet, which is superior to a vegan diet and provides you with more nutrition? Well, typically between 5-7%, for as long as you are eating enough calories from fruits, greens and some nuts/seeds.

And I think it is important to mention once again that the meat eating population of the planet actually consumes too much protein in their diet as well as it being animal protein.

What happens to people who consume too much protein and consequently fat is that they will under eat on carbohydrates.

Binges, cravings, Candida and blood sugar related issues, acne, eczema, lack of energy and mental clarity these are just some of the issues that not having enough healthy carbs in your diet can lead to.

Now, another claim is that plant foods dont contain vitamin B12. True, they dont. But a vitamin B12 deficiency can happen for a number of reasons, for example antibiotics, alcohol (alcohol damages the liver, so drinkers need more B12), smoking, food additives, and stress.

In fact, contrary to meat and dairy industry propaganda, meat-eaters are known to be just as likely to suffer with a vitamin B12 deficiency.

Then there is the vitamin D concern. Again, those who live in cold climates and dont get enough sunshine are at risk of bumping into a vitamin D deficiency, regardless of what they eat. Sunny breaks in tropical climates, or vitamin D supplementation will help you to ensure that you get adequate vitamin D.

Can a vegan/raw vegan diet sabotage your health? Of course it can! If it is full of processed vegan foods, soy, high in fat, has a very unbalanced ratio of Omega 6 to 3, lacks carbs or is too low in calories, it can damage your health.

This is why it is so important to eat a high-carb and healthy raw or as much raw as possible vegan diet.

This diet really is the most delicious and nutritious, and just like it has helped countless numbers of people to lose weight, balance their health, get fit, energetic and healthy, it can help you too.

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Paul and Yulia Tarbath.


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