Detox Dieting

Detox diet is a way to lose weight by eliminating the toxins in our system. Detox is the short term for detoxification. In a way, this is a natural way to trim down because toxic substances are being eliminated from our body.

Detox diet is originally applied to treat drug and alcohol dependency. Nowadays, it is also used to control our weight. Detox diet also cleanses colon and increases circulation of our system.

Detox diet can also help to keep us away from serious health issues like diabetes, cardiac problem, kidney issues, liver and digestive problems. This is a 20 days detox diet menu. In the morning, start with an organic lemon squeezed into a full glass of water. One alternative is a glass of water mixed with 1 tablespoon flaxseeds.

For your breakfast, take rice milk and rice protein powder, add a pear. Your second option for your breakfast is a piece of fruit, fiber cereal with milk, one glass of water or 1 cup of coffee. A low fat peanut butter will also do. You can take a sliced orange and 2 cups of water. Your second option would be two cups of vegetable broth.

For your lunch, take vegetable soup mixed with a vegetable of your choice, steamed broccoli with sesame seed. Add lemon juice. Take a multivitamin as well. Your second option is hamburger with a low fat cheese. Use lean meat. Add a soup of your choice. Take 1 cup of rice and a turkey. Drink 2 cups of water.

For your snack, take an apple and 1 cup of water. Your second option is a carrot sticks with dipping. Take water as well.

For dinner, take curried lentils on quinoa, salad with mixed greens, red peppers, artichokes and sprouts drizzled with salad dressing or garlic, lemon juice. Eat a vegetable broth as well. Your second option is a steamed vegetable. Choose four different types of vegetables. You should steam until tender.

Never eat anymore after dinner.

Avoid dairy products while in Detox diet. The examples of these are butter, cream cheese and milk. Avoid Wheat and gluten as well. Examples of these are pasta, bread and barley.

Detox diet menu is a sure way to lose weight. With Detox diet menu, we can find ourselves looking good and hundred percent healthy in less than a month.


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