If you’re on a very busy schedule, are traveling, are lazy about meal prep, don’t know how or just need some new ideas. . . this is for YOU. This is a VERY quick way to shop, prepare & package several days worth of clean, nutritious food. . . in 46 minutes or less! This includes days worth of meals and blended nutrition drinks.
-I cook 3lbs. Lean Ground Turkey, Steam One pound of vegetables, cut & jar an entire weeks worth of fruits & vegetables, package, store & clean up. . . in 46 minutes. I also show some of MY favorite options for fast protein snacks.
This is NOT for any specific diet, or dieting goal. It’s just a fast healthy way to help stay on track. You can vary it to fit your needs.
I just want to give an example of how you can work Two busy jobs, train, have a life and still stay with it, with no excuses.

I will be posting more nutrition videos in the future. As well as WAY more detailed martial arts instructionals, group & personal workouts, personal challenges and more. . . My goal is to help people get better and stay motivated. Lets break the cycle!


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