Easy Nutrition for the Yogi Class – a class I at Red Dragon Yoga in Marin County, CA. I showed how to make beauty elixirs, green & purple smoothies, and simple savory raw food dishes, which were all a big hit! You can dramatically accelerate your yoga practice or any activity your enjoy with high vibe foods that light you up with pure energy, life force & positivity!

Check out the Part 2 video of this class: – Never Underestimate Your Power to Change – Choose Life!

Learn more self-care practices that accelerate positive transformation & stay connected with Bethanne here: CHOCOLATE GOLDIES: (handcrafted, raw, organic, wildcrafted, superfood, herbal, medicinal mushroom & wild foods infused fudge chocolate that’s made fresh to order) + EDIBLE GODDESS, my handcrafted line of holistic, organic raw superfood & herbal beauty products and skincare that’s also made fresh to order!

The LONGEVITY POWER product line (superfood & herbal extracts for vitality, immunity & energy!):

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