*What Is This Show All About?*

Chat, Chew and You is an interactive wellness show that promotes the concept of self-care, holistic health, and confident, energetic living.

*Who Are The Hosts?*

Hosted by 2 PASSIONate health and wellness coaches, +Ivy LaArtista and +Lakesha Brown The show’s mission is to help individuals attain AND maintain optimal health, healthy minds, lovable bodies, and joyful personal and professional lives.

Ivy and Kesha’s ultimate desires are that people experience abundant energy while becoming more responsible for their wellness and overall vibrant health.

*Who’s Invited?*

Anyone who is looking to have fun, interactive conversation around health, wellness, and vibrant living!

Tune in and get interactive with the hostesess with the mostess and discuss, explore and create new standards of health for yourself!


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