Samir Nagar, Schiff Nutrition Internationals Director of Process Engineering, talks about InfinityQS statistical process control and manufacturing intelligence platform, ProFicient Schiff Nutrition is a leading manufacturing of vitamins, minerals and nutrition supplements. Previously, Schiff used an SPC product that was difficult to use and required significant customization as well as proprietary hardware. Schiff InfinityQS SPC platform, ProFicient, and discovered key benefits that include:

– Ease of deployment and use, especially for busy operators in complex manufacturing environments

– No proprietary hardware required

– An off-the-shelf product that can be quickly deployed

– Easy to configure on-the-fly for the shop floor

For Schiff, ease of use and configuration was key to their decision to install ProFicient. As a result, Schiffs operators love using ProFicient and the platform has been quickly adapted into Schiffs manufacturing processes. Operators also appreciate that ProFicient gives them a real-time view into quality. They can see immediately if a process is in or out-of-control.

When Schiff initially deployed ProFicient, they expected a significant learning curve as is expected with any major software but, due to ProFicients user-friendly interface and functionality, the operators learned how to use the software quickly, enabling change management.

Schiff is also happy with InfinityQS support; InfinityQS technical support specialists perform remote sessions with Schiff to help troubleshoot and resolve any problems.

Schiff has connected ProFicient to some of their porting systems, where they are collecting data such as temperature and air flow. Schiffs personnel can see the data in ProFicient on any workstation without buying additional software for each workstation or computer. Furthermore, ProFicients charts and data reporting options allow Schiff to dice the data and present it on the fly to management.

By improving visibility into Schiffs processes, they have reduced scrap generation and are better able to identify the best combinations of products and equipment for optimal quality. Nagar recommends InfinityQS ProFicient for similar manufacturing operations, including operations that encompass both manual and automatic data collection methods.

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