Nutrition for Weight Loss

TO BRENDAN: you for helping make this video about fat loss for females and dieting tactics Brendan! We talk about reasons why females struggle to lose fat, and dieting tactics to go about combating those reasons. Apologies for the background noise in the first part of the video guys!

–My Macro “The Everything Guide To Macro Tracking”:
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Wondering where I got something? Probably on Amazon.

P.O. Box 66580
Los Angeles, CA 90066

PARDOMAS WORKSHOPS – Find one to sign up at NEAR YOU! Carb Waffle Recipe:
1.Turn waffle maker on (and let it get hot before pouring batter on! I leave mine on high for 5 minutes)
2. Mix:
– 1 scoop @PEScience Protein (the whey’casesin blend cooks the best out of any protein, i’ve found through experience. If you’re not using it, they might end up doughey or flat)
– 1 whole egg (can sub with an egg white)
– 1 tsp baking powder
– 1 bit of water to consistency (careful not to add too much!)

Graphic Design: Leah Deming.


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