The growing health oriented market has truly compelled us to push our health and wellness advocacy to a whole new level, and this is when Fruit Magic came across the juices – the latest and most premium process of juicing fruits and vegetables.

The process begins by collecting fruits and vegetables in their liveliest state, from the local farmers in Baguio, and different parts of Manila. We, then, clean all the produce through a process called ozonizing. This is a process by which fertilizers, herbicides and other chemicals used on the harvest, are washed off and emitted. This makes the fruits and vegetables ultimately safe and sanitized for juicing and consumption.

The produce is then segregated, weighed, cut, peeled, masticated and slowly with 14,000 pounds of The juicer extracts the maximum amount of nectar from the pulp and fiber – retaining all the raw, whole, live enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

Extracting all that leaves all the pulp and fiber from the produce completely dry – making the juice extracted pure and highly concentrated. There is absolutely no need for additives, and preservatives.

Adding or using any kind of heat in the juicing process results in high water nutrient-loss and oxidation. This is the reason why Fruit Magic is gradually shifting from the traditional centrifugal juicing to juicing.

One bottle of Fruit Magics Pure Nectar juices contains approximately half a kilo of raw fruits and vegetables – almost double the body’s standard requirement of fruit and vegetable intake in a day.

The juice is so smooth and almost so all the nutrients and vitamins are easily absorbed by the body – boosting the immune system, helping detoxify the body from toxins, lowering the risk of cancer diseases, and helping you lose weight. It also promises glowing skin, clearer mind-set and greater energy juices are for everyone! It is specially made to appeal to children, parents, and anyone who aims to maintain a balanced and nutritious diet. The flavors are so delicious; youd forget it is vitamin-packed, and good for your body. Fruit Magics Pure Nectar juices are definitely the quickest, easiest, and best grab-and-go option, without ever compromising your health.


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