Detox Dieting

Celebrating 6 weeks exploring the fruitarian diet. I am so glad that I have made it this far! =D

This fruitarian adventure has really made an impact on my life. When I first heard about the fruitarian diet I thought it was a joke but after trying out so many different diets I am convinced that the fruitarian diet is the best for humans since we are frugivores by nature.

So why is the fruitarian diet driving me crazy? Well, there are many challenges that come with it. One of them is detox symptoms. I am certainly feeling those. In fact, I know many fruitarians experience intense detox symptoms at one point or another in their journey.

Detox symptoms are also common for people who are transitioning to a vegan diet or a raw vegan diet.

I believe that fruit is the most cleansing of all food sources and thus it will lead to the highest levels of detox, case by case, all else equal.

This is why I don’t recommend everyone to start a fruit based diet. Some people not be able to handle it at this time, it can create lots of confusion and extra challenges some people can’t deal with because they already have too much going on in their lives.

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