Nutrition for Weight Loss

My favorite re-useable meal prep containers: Hiiiii; Welcome back for todays chit chat about how Im now tracking macros (IIFYM) + a full day of eating for weight loss/fat loss. Give this video a THUMBS UP if you want to see a grocery haul for my favorite macro friendly foods!! I really hope you enjoy & everything I mentioned is listed down below…

Food scale: coach Lia: ‘Programs’ & its called ‘Nutrition Plan With Support’ & enter discount code ‘first5’ to get the meal plan down to 🙂

*Also, Im being super open and sharing my exact macros with you guys but do NOT take those macro numbers & use them & expect weight loss! Those are customized for me based on my height, weight, how much I workout, injuries I have, and my body fat percentage by my coach Lia. Macros are not one size fits all; I highly recommend you guys contact her or a professional coach for your own customized macros for your personal goals. xo

I am currently also taking the Royal Queen fat burner while I’m counting my macros to see the quickest progress: (Same stack I took last year when I dropped 30lbs so I already know it works well with my body. Any questions at all on this, me my galaxy/marble phone cases & accessories you see in my videos can be found here– use ‘jordan’ for 15% discount ; out my top videos!!
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How I saved in a I raised my from 450 to 750 Meal Ideas for WEIGHT I lost 30+ date from BOOTY prep for only a I lost 30+ pounds:
Royal Queen Fat Burner: Workout (On now): I use: (for recovery after workouts to help avoid sore muscles): Prep Bag I Use (On now): out all products & workout apparel get shipping & returns with that huge thank you in advance for using it to support my son & I.

Everything you see in my videos can be found here: video is not sponsored in any way..


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