Detox Dieting

Exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, and as any health conscious person can attest, diet also plays a huge role.
“Eating healthy is so important for just longevity and feeling well,” said Rhonda Garvis, a mom from Plymouth.
Garvis tries to eat healthy, but admits she can fall into some bad habits.
“I’m like everyone else: busy, my kids are doing stuff, we get into a habit of eating out, convenience foods,” she said.
To help break that pattern, she decided to do the D.Tox program at Life Time Fitness.
“I recommend my clients do it about every three to four months because that’s typically the time period where we start trickling into some bad habits,” said Keri Anderson, a personal trainer at Life Time in Plymouth.
Anderson says the D.Tox program comes with a protein powder, a fiber powder, and a list of dietary recommendations to essentially help people reset their system.
“It’s a great thing for anyone to do,” Anderson said. “Anyone that’s hitting a plateau in their program, or anyone who has just gotten over an indulgent season to kind of reset and get them back on track.”
To successfully complete the program, it requires a commitment of 14 to 21 days, and it involves some strict dietary changes.
“The best way to get the most out of a D.Tox program is to really allow a full week of preparation,” Anderson suggested. “During that prep week, eliminate some of the processed foods that we’re consuming, some of the things like caffeine, or alcohol or even sugar.”
A more intense plan they offer is called ‘Gut Fix’ for people with digestive issues. But ultimately, it’s the goal of both plans to essentially rewire the brain to avoid processed food and sugar, and create healthier eating habits.
It’s worked for Garvis.
“It’s a couple of weeks,” she said. “And then what you find, I found, I was looking for things less once I got out of those two weeks. Like, I was less interested in walking down that M&M aisle.”
A D.Tox kit costs about Life Time clubs are hosting a complimentary D.Tox workshop this Saturday, 28.
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