Health & Diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be so difficult at times. Last time I did the lemonade cleanse or master cleanse and the results were great but man was it a tough one.

Get a good juicer for a healthy diet – time, it should be easier since I’m doing a juice fast. Juicing provides your body with micro nutrients and makes you feel fuller so it’s a much easier way for me to tighten, tone when added to my workout regimen. Gotta look good for my upcoming trip to Daytona during Biketoberfest. Not to mention I will still have plenty of energy for my workouts. I usually eat a pretty clean diet of mostly vegetables and fruits and low fat, unprocessed foods so this cleanse won’t be hard at all. Don’t get me wrong…. there are times when I just have to get busy on a medium rare filet mignon, baked potato and all that but in order to stay in shape, be healthy and stay away from and prescription drugs, a lifestyle that includes healthy eating habits and regular fitness is key.

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