Nutrition for Weight Loss

Enjoy this delicious Arugula, radish, tuna and avocado salad recipe from Lauren Slayton (@foodtrainers).

The full recipe along with others can be found on our your AKT workout in home, or on the road! Our streaming AKT workouts offer you a variety of 10min targeted workouts that you can piece together multiple ways to stay inspired and avoid plateaus. Choose from our cardio, upper body, lower body, and core workouts. Each workout is tailored to challenge you differently, with use of various fitness elements like weights, resistance bands, a physio ball, body-weight resistance and more.
For more videos, check out the AKT On Demand. or stay tuned into our YouTube for fun, effective and workouts.

About AKT
AKT is a groundbreaking fitness technique developed by celebrity trainer, Anna Kaiser (co-host of ABC’s My Diet Is Better Than Yours), that combines dance-based interval training, sculpting, toning, and yoga through fun, and an ever-changing curriculum to deliver results you never thought possible. Celebrities include Kelly Ripa, Shakira, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sofia Vergara, Emmy Rossum, and more. AKT has been featured in Vogue, Self, Cosmopolitan, NY Times, and many more as THE workout to get you in shape in 2016. Studios in NYC, Hamptons, and Connecticut. Check out more on.


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