In this video I share a sample meal prep ideas that I personally prepare and eat as a vegan. I eat as much as I am hungry for and usually have a protein smoothie post workout (which adds a little over 25 g protein to my day). I will be making an update fitness video soon where I talk about how I am eating and training currently.

These are just healthy and quick meal prep ideas I like making for myself.

Here are the APPROXIMATE MACROS for each portioned meal (1 serving)
NOTE: EAT ACCORDING TO YOUR GOALS. Adjust macros and portions as needed.
1. ) Meal 1: BUFFMonkey PB Chocolate Oats
– Calories: 574
– Protein: 22. 8g (add more protein powder or PB for higher protein)
– Carbs: 95. 8g
– Fats: 13. 8g
2. 6g
– Carbs: 19. 6g
– Fats: 4. 0g
3. ) Meal 2: Lentils with Sprouted Quinoa & Rice
– Calories: 380
– Protein: 25. 4g
– Carbs: 78. 6g
– Fats:4. 3g
4. ) Meal 3: Sweet Potato, Quinoa, & Beans
(this can be split into smaller portions or you can swap this & meal 2 if you prefer)
– Calories: 577
– Protein: 22. 8g
– Carbs: 91. 3g
– Fats: 15. 6g

NOTE: Something else I want to clarify is that I dont always eat these BACK TO BACK. be/5Frk_3hYXHc (part one


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