Hi! In this video, I am sharing my personal experience of how I lost 20 lbs ( approx. 9 kilos ) by eating a low-fat, starch based vegan diet – not counting calories or reducing the amount of food I eat. I want to really emphasize that health and feeling energetic is the focus. 🙂

Here some videos that I mention in this video:
Dr. John McDougall: The Ultimate Diet Therapy: Starch Solution: about Olive Oil: AJ ( Her Inspiring Story & Great meal ideas! ) : Doug Lisle: is a video that shows the types of foods I eat – Lots of variety! 🙂 : video about the intestines: great Dr. McDougall presentation: you for watching. Remember to love yourself always no matter what your weight. Focusing on health is the most important thing. 🙂

Another Vegan Video by Me : MelissaAlexandria01.


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