This video has been done a gazillion times by many other channels and usually I refer people to CampbellFitness to watch his video if I don’t have the time to go through it one on one.

However, lately as I have been getting many requests to calculate macros for people I have joined the bandwagon and put up how I do it. This is exactly the same process I use if you ever get in touch and ask me to do it for you, so really, there’s nothing to stop you doing it yourself now!

Hope this helps and for ABOUT HOME PHYSIQUE ——-

Home Physique is an ongoing project started by me to show my transformation from a chubby couch potato into a competing Natural Amatuer Bodybuilder.

This Bodybuilding / Fitness channel is dedicated to motivating and inspiring others to achieve their goals and offers advice, tips and information on exercises, routines and nutrition guides along with supplement and equipment reviews.

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