Detox Dieting

Can alkaline food help fight disease? wanted to find out.

Crippled by pain and disease at a young age, Madeleine Marentette from Grail Springs Resort thought she was destined for a life of pain, and unhappiness. That was until she discovered the healing power of alkaline foods and a PH balance diet. By shifting to a diet plan detox with more alkaline foods, avoiding acidic foods she was able to not only relieve pain but thrive both mentally and physically.

Does your diet have enough alkaline foods to fight pain and disease? Madeleine doesn’t just share her inspiring story, she also gives us the diet plan we need to shift our diet to be PH balanced so we can detox and thrive.

Isn’t Madeleine inspirational? Have you had success with alkaline foods, ph balance diet and pain relieve or fighting disease? Please below and spread the healing love by sharing and liking this video.

Never miss another healthy living video – to the tuja wellness YouTube channel to Madeleine for enlightening us. This video was shot at her retreat, Grail Springs Resort and Spa, in Bancroft,Ontario. Moon by Robert “Nithmund” Bowkett .


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