Nutrition for Weight Loss

Are you looking to learn how to lose weight fast without trying wacky diets or crazy cardio regimes? In this video we explain how to burn fat by simply manipulating your calories. The best method of weight loss isnt starving yourself or performing 2 hours of HIIT, its by manipulating your calories to burn and get rid of fat the healthy way.

Psych2Go: loss is a goal many people have at some point in their lives and there is an abundance of information and diets out there telling you how to achieve this goal. Despite all this information, and what the diet industry would like you to believe, is that weight loss is difficult. Yet at its core, weight loss is simple maths calories in verses calories out. Today we will look at what calories are, how they work and how you can manipulate them to help you lose weight.

The amount of calories in your food is mainly determined by fat, protein and carbohydrates, known as macronutrients. All foods contains one or more of these macronutrients and each one contain a different amount of calories or energy. Carbohydrates and protein each have four calories per gram while fat has nine calories per gram and alcohol has seven calories per gram. In simple terms this means 100 grams of pure protein has 400 calories while 100 grams of pure fat has 900 calories. The higher the amount of calories you consume, the more difficult it will be to lose weight in the form of belly fat.

Create a calorie deficit either by eating less or exercising more and your body is forced to burn stored energy to get the extra calories it needs to meet your daily needs. Best of all, you can choose how you create this deficit and manipulate your calorie needs to lose weight.
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