Nutrition for Weight Loss

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Our Fast Weight Loss Course: Better Health Basics Course: in this two-part series were going to be answering the question of how to lose weight without counting calories with 7 science-backed steps.

Next week we will talk about how to count calories properly for weight loss, for those that wish to.

Lets look at the advantages of NOT counting calories:

#1. People are bad at it

So bad that studies show subjects underestimating the amount of calories they eat by up to 47%.

In another study of women reporting they couldnt lose weight on a 1200 calorie diet, experts found they were actually eating up to 2500 calories a day in many cases.

#2. Counting calories tends to put dieters in the wrong mindset

When focus is on counting calories, people begin to ignore the quality of food being eaten.

Yes, you probably can lose weight eating small ramen noodles and twinkies…

But do those foods give you good energy?

Or help your skin quality?

Or make you feel good.

Probably not.

By not counting calories, youre pretty much forced to focus on food quality for weight loss, which is a good thing.

#3. Its much simpler

By not obsessing over every macronutrient and calorie youre consuming life becomes significantly simpler.

While counting makes sense for bodybuilders trying to reach -3% body fat or those who have hit a weight loss plateau, it usually becomes a burden for normal people who just want to be generally healthy.

Here are 7 Steps for How to Lose Weight WITHOUT Counting Calories

Step #1. Pair high protein meals with low carb vegetables

Protein and vegetables are the two most satiating nutrients on the planet and have been shown to keep you from having cravings.

The fiber from low carbohydrate vegetables combined with high protein foods creates one of the most satisfying meals you can eat.

Step #2. Avoid unsatiating foods like the plague

On the end processed foods, flour, and sugar have all been shown to be unsatisfying leading to more cravings and thus calories consumption.

Its will be VERY difficult to lose weight if you eat these foods and are not counting calories.

Step #3. Drink water like a camel

Everyone knows water is important, but drinking more can also help you lose weight. It has been shown to increase metabolism by 3-11% and eliminate pesky hunger cravings.

Step #4. Use Decaf Coffee or Peppermint Tea to Blunt Cravings

In order of craving killers, decaf coffee, then peppermint tea, and then regular coffee have all been shown to help blunt hunger cravings.

So when you start craving sweets or food you shouldnt eat, drink one of these.

Step #5. Use the craving question

Lots of people say things like Im hungry and go eat without actually listening to their body to see if that is true or not.

When hunger hits ask yourself this question, Am I hungry enough to eat a salad?

Often times, the answer is no and youre not actually hungry, you just have a craving.

The brain is just trying to get a little hit of dopamine because its bored and you need to train yourself to distinguish between real hunger and cravings.

Listening to the body is uber important for those not counting calories.

Step #6. Sleep like a bear in hibernation

Loss of sleep has been directly to higher resting cortisol levels and stronger cravings.

So get lots and lots of sleep (which you should be doing anyway).

Step #7. Mediate

Early has shown that mediation can help with both binge eating and emotional eating.

Its been shown to help dieters naturally eat less by instilling a sense of mindful eating. This is where youre slowing down to actually enjoy the foods you eat instead of pounding down meals like a humpback whale at a sardine factory.

So get your Namaste on nerd.


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