Learn how to make super healthy green smoothies and get to know Akinyemi, of In Joy life Magazine!

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– Use all organic Ingredients
You don’t want to mix in pesticides, herbicides, or a of chemicals and GMO stuff into your healthy green smoothie!

o Kale (1 large sprig)
Is the super of super foods
High in fiber which helps with digestion and elimination
Has more iron than beef
Is great for detox
Packed with antioxidants
Excellent for cardiovascular health and for your skin
High in so many vitamins, such as C, A, K as well as Calcium
Low calories and no fat

o Spinach (handful)
Helps w/ weight loss
Digestion – helps prevent constipation
Low in calories
High in fiber
High in iron
Good for your bones, and boosts immunity
Also excellent for glowing skin
Vitamins A, C, K & B-Complex vitamins
Contains minerals such as potassium, zinc, magnesium and copper

o Cucumber (1/3)
Good source of B vitamins
High water so it helps with elimination and keeping the body hydrated
Controls blood Helps with bad breath
Excellent for hair growth because of the high of silicon and sulfur
Helps to fight cancer

o Rainbow Chard (1 leaf)
High in vitamins C and E
Helps prevent heart disease
Great for eyes and bones

o Strawberries (5)
Boosts your immunity – High in vitamin C
Lowers blood Boosts memory
Help you lose weight as it’s also high in fiber

o Apples (1/2)
Helps protect against all sorts of diseases such as Parkinson’s, Cancers, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes
Detoxes your liver
High in fiber
Has many of the same benefits as all the previous ingredients

o Sunflower seeds (1 tbsp)
High in vitamins E and B-1 and copper which benefits hair and skin

o Garden of Life Raw Meal Replacement
Use as a meal replacement & can add to it to make smoothie more filling
Garden of Life Raw Meal Replacement
Keeps you from being hungry (has all the nutrition for a healthy meal)
Gives energy, raw organic plant based protein, raw natural plant-based whole foods, sprouts, fiber and is packed with so much more

o Vega One Nutritional Shake in berry
Plant based nutrient supplement w/ additional protein, fiber, Omega-3, Antioxidants and probiotics
Adds a sweeter berry flavor to your smoothie

o Spark
I add this for added energy and for mental sharpness
Only 45 calories and is sugar SPARK HERE: Coconut Water
I don’t like my smoothies to be thick, so I add a little more water. Maker sure you use filtered water or Coconut water (high in potassium and super hydrating).


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