Use your raw data w/ pay-what-you-can genetic tool video breaks down, point-by-point what gene polymorphisms you might look at, and how they relate to very specific micronutrients. A few examples of genes with common polymorphism discussed are MTHFR and folate, NBPF3 and vitamin B6, FUT2 and vitamin B12, BCMO1 and beta-carotene, FADS2 and omega-3 fatty acids, CYP2R1 and vitamin D, PEMT and choline as well as APOE4 and FOXO3.

NOTE: this video is for informational purposes only! Please consult with your physician before making changes based on genetic data.

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iPhone specific nucleotides mentioned in the video not correspond appropriately to what you observe in your own data if you have not run the data through promethease. An explanation as to why can be found here:.


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