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What do we do most often when we feel a craving coming on? We react in a panic. We either give in or try to it. But urges only makes them stronger. And the reason is this. The limbic system is very strong. It is denser than other brain structures, which allows a lot more signal transmission. This limbic system enabled life on earth to survive for millions of years. The limbic system has even been found in anthropoids, invertebrate phyla and mollusks. It developed before rational thought was even upon this earth!

Our ancient ancestors survived because they were rewarded by this limbic system, otherwise known as the limbic reward system. They were rewarded by engaging in behaviors, such as eating and But today our brains arent designed to deal with such ready to access rewards. cigarettes, Alcohol and pharmacological drugs overstimulate this reward center.

They do not help us to survive and in fact be killing us!
The truth of the matter is, that our addictions become hard-wired in a survival process. To some, an addiction becomes a part of life – just as eating or sleeping…

But the good news is that the truth of Addiction program has instantly videos and audio training materials that show you step-by-step how to react to cravings and urges in a different way then you did in the past. Responding differently, changes your brain.

When you start responding differently to urges than you did in the past, the connections between neurons become weak and a whole new set of thought patterns and behaviors can be created. When this happens, the thoughts would stop. The urges would stop. The need would stop. And the behavior will shortly follow.

And that is a great feeling…
Let me introduce you to A. Scott Roberts, the founder and creator of this program. He earned his masters degree in rehabilitation counseling. He is a certified rehabilitation counselor. He is an and speaker and has participated in delayed discounting running human participants. He helps people all over the world to beat their addiction, long-term. His program has reached people in over 20 countries.
So you might be wondering where do I start?
The first step is to feed the brain with targeted nutrients. The reason is this. The addicted brain has depleted and malfunctioning neurotransmitters caused by the weeks, months or years of overstimulating the brains reward center. But by taking targeted nutrients, it replenishes this deficiency.

In one interesting study, rats were given the option of choosing a bowl of water or a bowl of alcohol to drink from. When the rats had certain nutrients in their diet, they didnt touch the alcohol, but when they lacked certain nutrients, the animals chose alcohol over the water every single time. As soon as nutrients were restored to the animals, they avoided the alcohol completely. were able to shift consumption of the alcohol over the water by the deliberate increase or decrease of certain nutrients in their diet! And yes, shows that humans are wired the same way.

There are over 100 studies at MIT and Harvard that support the use of using key nutrients to increase neurotransmitter activity in the brain to eliminate anxiety, and cravings.

Dr Grant, the Medical Director at Tully Hill Hospital reported an 83 percent success rate in ending addiction amongst his patients by using key nutrients.

Joan Matthews Larson, Ph.D, conducted a study examining 100 alcoholic patients and focused on restoring the biochemical imbalance in the brain using key nutrients. 85 percent of participants stayed abstinent for 42 months. Thats huge compared to conventional methods.

The reason that using key nutrients in recovery is so successful, is because neurotransmitters in the brain are synthesized from nutrition. When you feed your brain with adequate amounts of targeted nutrients it increases dopamine and other neurotransmitters, so that you can feel better naturally.

The Truth of Addiction program includes an and video titled Nutrition for Improved Recovery. This will show you step-by-step the key nutrients to take.

Once you start taking these targeted nutrients, you also notice your cravings immediately decrease. You also notice your withdrawal symptoms are diminishing.

Now, keep in mind, if you have had years of heavy alcohol or drug abuse, you need to seek a medical professional. Coming off alcohol or heavy drugs can be dangerous, but the Truth of Addiction system can be used with any program, once you are stabilized, using these techniques will help you achieve long-term success. to video here: here to visit Truth of Addiction: .


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