Nicole and Lori from Rawthenticity review some cooked food exceptions that raw vegan fruitarians will make on a fully raw diet.

In this video, Nicole and Lori talk about the following:

1. sweeteners (coconut sugar, maple syrup, and coconut nectar)
2. condiments (soy sauce substitutes including tamari, coconut aminos, and Bragg’s liquid aminos)
3. frozen foods (frozen peas and frozen corn)
4. dried fruit
5. spices
6. nuts and seeds (cashews, tahini, and peanut butter)
7. nori
8. carob
9. nutritional yeast
10. oil

This video be especially helpful for people who are new to the raw vegan fruitarian lifestyle (or interested in transitioning to it), or those who have questions about particular ingredients.

When we first went “fully raw,” we were confused about what ingredients we could still eat besides fresh fruits and veggies. We hope this video helps to clarify this for you.

Rawthenticity YouTube: is a health and wellness company founded by Lori Weiss and Nicole Gregg, Certified Raw Food Nutrition Specialists and Raw Vegan Chefs. We define “rawthenticity” as living an authentic, self-loving life by making choices that bring us health, happiness, and online group consists of live interactive videos Sunday through Thursday at 7 PM Eastern, where we answer your questions about living a raw food lifestyle, and offer tips and guidance to help keep you motivated to live your happiest and healthiest life.

Making changes and improvements in our lives can be a step-by-step process, and we know that having support along the journey helped us greatly. We have been through it all – confusion over mixed information, emotional eating struggles, digestive issues – and we have come out of our journey with personal, real, heartfelt experience to share, as well as certifications in raw food nutrition.

We are here for you, to support this wonderful change you are making in your life and to guide you through the process.

Topics that we cover:

What to eat: recipes, kitchen tips, creative and simple ways to include more raw foods
How to stay raw: tips to stay motivated, positive, and committed to a healthy lifestyle
What you need to know: nutrition information, meal planning, grocery shopping guidance
How to overcome challenges: tools to develop self love and overcome emotions that block us
What we recommend for success: tips to stay true to ourselves and move forward with confidence

Aside from the topics listed above, we love answering any additional, and perhaps more personal questions that you have.

The ability to develop a positive, healthy relationship with food coincides with developing a positive and healthy relationship with ourselves. There is so much more to healing on this lifestyle aside from the food. In order to make positive, healthy food choices, it is so important that we develop self-love. The more we love ourselves, the more we will prefer to make food choices that make us feel good and alive. The more we love ourselves, the more we can stay true to the choices that our intuitive self is guiding us to make.

When we create space in our lives to listen to our true self within, not only will we be guided to making healthy food choices, we will be guided to live an authentic, whole-hearted life in every way. Raw food is an amazing way of nourishing ourselves on a mind, body, and soul level, so that we can experience the most out of us at if you’re interested in a 1-week trial of our Rawthenticity Online group!

About Nicole Gregg:
Nicole Gregg is a truth seeker, and commits her life to health and happiness. Her journey in developing a greater sense of self love has opened her up to different avenues of healing, growing, evolving, and her authentic message with the world. She has a BA in Psychology, and is certified as a Raw Food Nutrition Specialist, Yoga Teacher, and Intuitive Life Coach. She is a Co-founder of Rawthenticity, and genuinely loves having a positive impact on the lives of others. Everything she does for herself is with an intention to be of service to others.

About Lori Weiss:
Lori Weiss is a Certified Raw Food Nutrition Specialist, Raw Vegan Chef, Certified Personal Trainer, and Co-Founder of Rawthenticity with her girlfriend Nicole. With Rawthenticity, she helps people to live their happiest, healthiest lives. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and English (Cultural Studies) from McGill University and MBA in Marketing and Management from HEC Montreal. She is a dual American-Canadian citizen who loves traveling the world, as well as the depths of her mind, body, and soul..


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