Do you cook your beets before shaking them?

can you go over the should be expected vibram soreness ?
do you ever get blister from them?
do they maintain there form?

Can I swim in my vibrams? I wanna run to the beach and go for a swim without having to worry about someone steeling my shoes.
Does bulga wheat have added benefits from others?

Hey Steve I have another running question for you, are you a sucker for air or do you breath through your nose when you run? It has been a bit of an experiment for me and I find that I can prolong if not stop a stitch by breathing through my nose and I find it more efficient compared to sucking wind through my mouth inconsistently.

Do you have any long term running goals? I know you touched on ultra running in a previous video, but just wandering if there is a specific glorious event that you are building up to.

So I’ve recently purchased a set of vibrams and my question is – what technique do you employ to run down hills in them at a good pace without shock waves being sent to the very core of your being!? The minute I hit a steep decline I have to slow right down and tippy toe my way down the hill like a fairy dancing across buttercups…

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