This week’s diet, nutrition and vegan questions:

Alright, real question… what do you use for a dressing on salad? I love it plain and simple at times but at others it just needs that lubricant.
I really enjoy a bowl of ice berg lettuce with nothing but water, then to drink the water after is amazing.
Any suggestions? ANSWER mustard based, vinegar based, home made colslaw

When is Baby Kalclash gonna get his/her shed initiation? Without a doubt Baby Kalclash ain’t no sheep either. Hehe. Also…what are your thoughts on raising kids…or the development of infants in the formative years in particular…on a HCLF vegan diet? Making sure the child is fully supplemented with all the proper vitamins can be a huge challenge…

Also most of the healthy or athletic vegans I know in their 30s weren’t raised as vegans while the few vegans I know that have been vegan their whole life aren’t exactly the athletic or high energy types. Not sure if there is a correlation there or not… Your thoughts?

I’m looking for more motivation and tips on becoming this lean as you are. I am overweight still even though i’ve been vegetarian / vegan for 4 years almost now and it doesn’t seem to be cutting(no pun intended) it…. But I’m still trying. I need to go to the gym more, I’ve been slacking on that a lot lately. I need to ride my bike more too! Any tips for an overweight person trying to get “lean” would be greatly appreciated and I subbed and will watch your other vids! =)

Question: Been diagnosed long time ago with nephrosis in one kidney.It was a random check.Doesnt affect my lifestyle but in the same time,everytime I try to incorporate something I like,in a cooked food,and who has some good amount of protein,I realise they are the ones that will give me quite a high uric acid,things like:peppers,mushrooms(adore them),beans(love them).Now,what else is left for me from the plants that I could get a amount of protein without putting my kidney in danger on the long term?

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